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The Crown Village Condos in Edgewater, New Jersey

If you have always dreamed of owning a luxury home that has all the basic amenities that come with any modern home, then think of Crown village Condos. With the sophisticated and luxurious facilities contained in these condos, you can be sure of living that life of luxury you have always lived in your fantasies. These condos were specially designed for the homeowner who appreciates beauty and style.

There are several things to look forward to when considering owning one of the exotic Crown Village Condos in Edgewater, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Below are some basic features you can look forward to enjoying from these condos:

  • Luxurious life at its best at easily affordable rate

  • A convenient environment rated as one of the most conducive and desirable in the entire municipal area.

  • Adequate transportation network using bus and ferry to and from your doorstep.

  • Proximity to some of the best schools, amusement parks, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, yacht clubs, and so much more.

One important factor that makes Crown Village the place to own your dream home is the fact that it is located in the prestigious Edgewater. The beauty of Edgewater is accentuated by its close location to the dramatic and sensational palisade cliffs of New Jersey. Edgewater has some of the best and most desirable waterfronts, an efficient school system, convenient real estate taxes. No other waterfront community can boast of the affordable real estate taxes Edgewater is known for.

The costs of Crown village Condominiums start from $400, 000.

You can find everything you need to make life enjoyable in Edgewater. Edgewater boasts of some of the best sports arena, shopping malls, restaurants, cultural and social amenities, and any other amenity you can think of. Crown village Condos are some of the most desirable places you can find in Edgewater. Even commuters are in love with this district. It is surrounded by important places like the popular New Jersey Turnpike, the prestigious George Washington Bridge, New York City and New Jersey employment centers, and several popular routes.

If you love living in your own world, Crown Village Condos is right for you. These Condos gives the adventurous homeowner the chance to pursue his or her personal dreams and fantasies. These beautiful Condos are separated from the hustle and bustle of the outside world by the breathtaking architectural design they boast of.

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