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Fun Things To Do In Weehawken!

Snow Ice in Weehawken NJ

One of the many highlights of Weehawken is its diverse makeup which affords residents with a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and other eateries from all over the world. Sunshine Ice is one of those amazing places service up Snow Ice - a special Taiwanese style icy treat that's sure to please the palate. This place is open 7 days a week and is the go to place for ice cream style treats - especially in the summer months!

Weehawken Waterfront Park and Recreation Field

A great way to burn off those Sunshine Ice calories or to just take in the amazing NYC skyline views is to visit the Waterfront Park and Recreation Field in Weehawken - the running track, baseball field, pools and views are spectacular! The park is a perfect family friendly addition to the neighborhood and you can even take lesson for various sports.

If you're look to take a load off after a hard days night - make sure to visit Hudson Blue Bar in Weehawken right inside the NY Waterway Ferry Terminal. They have a huge collection of domestic and imported beers along with some of the most top grade Sushi in town. A great way to unwind, watch the Ferries and soak in the majestic NYC skyline.

Hudson Bar in Weehawken NJ

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