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Luxury Dine-in Movie Theater in Fort Lee, NJ

Fort lee, New Jersey and much of its neighboring towns along the Jersey Gold Coast have started to see major changes to the landscape as skyrocketing prices in Manhattan have brought an enclave of home buyers across the Hudson to New Jersey. Better schooling, more space, lower price-per-square footage and a more green landscape are some of the reasons Bergen County has seen a recent uptick in the Bergen County real estate sector.

iPic Hudson Lights theater is confirmation that as new homeowners and renters come in - they want the same walk-able entertainment features they use to have in their communities in NYC. Like most theaters, you can purchase tickets beforehand using an app but the difference here is that "Ninja waiters" are on call during your movie to serve up finger food, drinks and a bevy of snacks.

Pricing varies from $12-19 Monday through Friday with slight increases on weekends. Not to be missed!

Contact Info:

iPic Hudson Lights

2062 Lemoine Ave., Fort Lee


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