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The Skinny On Some Fort Lee NJ Eateries

  • Fort Lee NJ's best Vietnamese and Asian Fusion Cuisine

  • The menu includes traditional Vietnamese and Asian dishes where their specialty is Pho and Sushi of the highest quality. Vegetarian Pho is also available and is simply delectable!

  • Open every Monday to Saturday from 11am to 9:30am. Dine-in, take-out and delivery is available as well.

  • Their famous dishes include Curry Noodles, Summer Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Iced Tea and Pad Thai.

Saigon Kitchen Fort Lee

Summer Spring Rolls Saigon Kitchen Fort Lee

  • Hiram's Roadstand is the ultimate place in Fort Lee and offers an extensive assortment of Hot Dogs and Fries. This place is a Fort Lee institution and was even featured on Anthony Bourdain's hit show!

  • Their specialty sauce that is used on the hot dogs is decades old and still delicious.

  • You can get a burger or hot dog, onion rings and a drink usually beer under $10. You can't beat the deal.

  • This place is open Monday to Saturday 11am to 9:30pm. While on Sunday it is open till 8:30pm. If you are looking for a cheap, fulfilling and delicious joint then this is the right place.

Hiram's Road Stand Fort Lee NJ

Hot Dog and Fries - Hiram's Fort Lee NJ

  • Specialized in providing amazing Korean cuisine. The Tofu and Dumpling provided here are top notch and some of the best in Fort Lee.

  • Their most famous dishes are the Spicy Raw Crab, Hot-Stone Bibimbap, and Galbi which is made of beef.

  • Don't let the Tofu name fool you as their menu includes Pork, Chicken & Beef. Vegetarians and carnivores get along at this place.

  • They have a wide range of Korean Beer and Wine that complements the food. Their most famous ones include Soju which is like Korean Vodka and Makgeolli which is Korean Rice Wine.

BCD Tofu House Fort Lee NJ

BCD Tofu House Fort Lee NJ

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