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Living in North Bergen, New Jersey

Situated in the Hudson County in the state of New Jersey, North Bergen is a medium sized town with a population of 62,341 people. Known to be

the 16th largest community in New Jersey, North Bergen has 12 constituent neighborhoods. Another key feature that has made North Bergen stand out is its hilly landscape. In addition, North Bergen extends from Secaucus and Union City to Ridgefield and Edgewater.

In terms of workforce North Bergen is neither predominantly white nor blue collar, instead it has a workforce that is a mixture of both white and blue collar. In general, the workforce in North Bergen, New Jersey is mainly made up of office and sales workers, professionals and service providers. Recent stats released on the workforce of North Bergen shows that 13.68% of the workforce work in office and administrative jobs while 12.63% work in sales job and 8.11% take up management occupations.

Living in North Bergen tend to have its own disadvantages for instance the daily commute to work is usually around 33 minutes each and this is way past the national average. The good thing though is that the public transportation service is very active, reliable and efficient and it offers the perfect alternative to commuting to work. In fact, there are a number of people who use North Bergen transportation system to go to work and back on a day to day basis.

This community is also known for being ethnically diverse. Many of the people who live in this town usually describe themselves as people who belong to certain ethnic or racial group. In fact, recent stats showed that 72.60% of those who call North Bergen home are of Latino or Hispanic origin. People who are foreign born also make up a big part of North Bergen population accounting for 50.79%. Given the stats and the majority of people who call North Bergen home, the language that is commonly used is Spanish. Other languages which are also just as important are Gujarathi and English.

This town is also known for having a very friendly environment and as a result many families have decided to move their families to North Bergen. In addition, there are a number of great public schools as well as colleges where parents can take their kids.

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