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Things To Do Around Town - Englewood NJ

Bergen Performing Arts Center

One of the highlight of downtown Englewood NJ is the Bergen Performing Arts Center (Bergen PAC). Probably the most famous of its kind in Northern New Jersey - this performing arts center also provides classes including Ballet, Singing, Acting, Painting and more! Bergen PAC also offers music concerts, comedy shows, dance shows and many others year round. A definite must see in your Bergen County adventures!

Another great find in Englewood is Balthazar Bakery - known in New York City as the premiere destination for bread, pies and pastries, Englewood residents get to enjoy the warehouse where these delectable treats are made! The warehouse is open to public from 7am to 6pm every Monday to Friday, Saturdays 8am to 5pm and on Sundays its open from 8am to 2pm. Treat yourself to some famous croissants, scones and other small wonders fresh from the Bakery before they hit NYC!

Once you're all done for the day - take a trip down to Casa Hispaniola for a nice cigar lounge and unwind with some had rolled cigars. You can purchase their high end cigars on their website as well.

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