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Living in Guttenberg, New Jersey

Located in Hudson County in New Jersey, Guttenberg is viewed as one of the smallest towns in Northern, New Jersey. It’s also considered among the top places in United States that is densely populated.

Guttenberg has a mixed population that is m

ade up of Blacks (4%), Asians (10%), Native Hawaiian or Native American (0%) and Whites (17%). According to recent figures, the majority of people living in Guttenberg are of Latino or Hispanic origin (68%).

The housing stock in Guttenberg, New Jersey is mostly made up of 3 to 4 story townhouses. In some areas there are a few low-rise apartment complexes that someone opting to live in Guttenberg can easily rent or buy. One aspect about Guttenberg that has captured the attention of many is the numerous Galaxy Towers that have dominated the skyline of this small, bedroom community.

Located near the south end of what is commonly referred to as the New Jersey Palisades, the Galaxy high-rise condominiums offer a unique landscape that is elevated and spectacular views of Midtown’s beautiful skyline.

In terms of shopping there is one strip that has retained its name as the go to place and that is Guttenberg’s commercial strip. Over the years, the Guttenberg commercial strip has managed to retain its reputation despite the fact that there has been lots of side streets coming up and offering local places where residents can easily shop and run they day to day errands.

In many cases families tend to value education of their kids a lot and thus this tends to influence their decision when deciding on where to live. If you are one of those families then you will be happy to know that schools in Guttenberg have a very strong school system that has enabled students to excel in what they do regardless of whether or not they are special or educational students.

Below are a few housing facts about Guttenberg that you should be aware of.

  • In Guttenberg, the average monthly cost for home ownership for home owners who have a mortgage is at $2,833.

  • Guttenberg’s average monthly rent is at $1,236.

  • About 38.6% of renters and 40.4% of home owners in Guttenberg pay less than 30% of their income on housing expenses.

  • The percentage of housing units that are occupied by renters is at 57.4%.

  • The percentage of housing units in Guttenberg that have three bedrooms or more is at 24.4%.

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